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No time to address envelopes?
Have you ever said, “I don’t have time to address all these wedding envelopes? Or “I paid a lot for these invitations and I don’t want to ruin them by writing on the envelopes.”
Or maybe, “I work, my mother works… and I need help with this project, but my bridesmaids live out of town. My handwriting doesn’t look that good when I’m rushed. In fact I don’t even like my handwriting. How am I supposed to write out all those street address abbreviations and the states too… no way, am I going to get these in the mail on time. I didn’t know that there was so much involved in getting the invitations ready to go in the mail. When are we going to find time to do all these envelopes and still get everything else done before the wedding?”
Unless “I do” mean that you’ll be doing everything yourself, then it is time for you to get some professional help for your wedding. One study claims that brides spend 400 hours on their wedding; and that translates into 10  forty-hour weeks. Do you have that kind of time to do your project by yourself?
Calligraphy on your envelopes sets the mood for your wedding, The first impression that your guest will see of your wedding is when they get your invitation in the mail. Keep this in mind when choosing your invitation coordinating colors, the font or type face, and wording on your invitation. If you are not sure what to say or how to say it, a good print coordinator can help. Calligraphy on your wedding envelope lets everyone know that your invitation is very special.
First: you need to find the invitation paper that expresses your personality and the theme of your wedding. Check out all the theme party papers and outdoor beach invitations to formal engraved 100% cotton invitations.  Hundreds of papers are waiting for you to choose that unique one to personalize for your special day. There are so many decisions to make, so it is good advice to start planning your wedding early, and that includes choosing your stationery.
Second: hiring a calligrapher can help you get your invitations in the mail - beautifully.
Many brides put off addressing their invitations and compiling the list because they are thinking that they have spent so much money on beautiful paper and invitations, they don’t want to ruin them with their own handwriting. Maybe the bride doesn’t even really like her handwriting.
So, in a very real sense, Calligraphy will make a beautiful first impression when your guests get your invitations in the mail. Hand-written envelope addressing says you know about social traditions and understand wedding etiquette. Ask for our guide: how to set up a guest list for a calligrapher.  Ask us how to get a nice, pulled-together look at your wedding and the reception with matching accessories: place cards, napkins, seating chart.  

Hi, my name is Emily and I have been a print coordinator and calligrapher since 1981. I can help you get your invitations in the mail.  Overview the , Frequently asked questions for more information.






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